Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kirstin's Socks

Hi again! 2 posts in 2 days. Cannon and Ashlynn loved Pottery Barn Kids store in Nashville. Lots of furniture just their size and toys to play with. This is what I knit on the plane to and from Nashville. It is Lana Grossa 80% wool and 20% polyamide. No color name on the ball. It is 100 gram/ 420 m. I am using size 2 addi's and actually decided to decrease a little because they started a little wide. So they are now a total of 48 stitches around and Magic Loop toe-ups. Not sure if I am gonna start a pattern, but I probably will, lace or the Pomotamus type leg instead of plain ribbing.

Spring Break 2007

Spring Break. Here are Kate and I with the kids at the "Cheesecake Factory" restruarant in Nashville. This is such an awesome place to eat. Kirstin is here , but of course refuses to have any pictures taken.(teenagers) We flew in the day before Easter and I knit the whole flight! I had my addi turbo size 2 circular needles and had no trouble for bringing them on and using them on the planes! I started a pair of socks for Kirstin this time! She loves the yarn (mostly pinks). We hung out in and around Nashville Monday and Friday and ate out a lot! The kids are growing and doesn't Ashlynn look sweet in her glasses! She is getting so mature.
We flew home today and did lose one of
Kirstin's suitcases. Funny how we didn't change planes, but they lost some luggage, a lot of people's were lost or left in Detroit. Waiting for NWA right now to call and say they are coming to deliver the pesky thing. Wouldn't you know it? It had all the new stuff we bought, including $60 worth of TEA. Yes Tea. we got suckered in at "Teavana" at the Mall at Green Hills in Nashville and before you knew it had 5 little bags (2-4oz) each of blended teas to brew at home. Pays to pay attention to prices on the container, some were $25/oz and up, yipes. Kind of got caught up. Good thing I couldn't find a yarn store, I'd probably maxed out a Visa.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Taa Daah!

Guess What! They are done! My own sockies! My first adult sized pair. This makes a grand total of 3! I am really psyched! They fit, although the knitting is not perfecto, I don't really mind. If I were to give them away I would be a little embarrassed. But they are for me and I'm not perfect nor do I care if they are not either. They are mine mine mine. I never do things for myself, so there! I imagine I'll just improve with the next pair, we'll see! I am gonna use the Lisa Souza yarn next and hope they are perfect. I may try the Monkey sock again, even follow the pattern like it is written this time. Wow, these took a while.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

On Call is an excuse to be lazy

Well, here it is Sunday again. I use my "on call" weekends, I think, as an excuse to actually rest and take time off from mundane activities, such as CLEANING, COOKING, EXERCISING. Obviously I have not been called in for any emergency surgeries so far.
I am well into my 3rd DVD of the Lord of the Ring Series. I have basically sat on my butt and either read knitting sites or blogs , watched TV and KNIT! I am ready to cast off my own version of the Monkey socks. The quality sucks, but I feel I can give myself a high-five for just finishing them and attempting a pattern, adding to my very small repertoire of socks completed. It has been a fun journey and I am just at the beginning of my knitting adventure for this century.