Thursday, August 2, 2007


Check out the little gladware bowls for my twin cakes of sock yarn. It holds enough to knit a pair of socks and saves on tangles. I drilled a hole in the top and fed the yarn through! It can't get away from me now.
The pink slide is from the Science Museum in Nashville. It is the "colorectal slide" and it made farting noises as the kids slid out. They loved it. It's part of an exhibit on how the body works, really cute idea.
The pix if me and the kids with Kate is at Beachhaven Winery in Clarksville KY, where we attended Jazz on the lawn. And of course tasted a little wine. Kate loved the raspberry one, so we got that one. To me it tasted like raspberry vinagrette salad dressing, hmmmm. It was crowded, but so fun. Of course there was live jazz band and musicians playing.
I've been working on the Tulips baby sweater and it's almost done, the body is done, just now starting on the border and the sleeves. It's gorgeous and it's going really fast.


chappy said...

good idea for the yarn containers. very cute daughter :)

scrub with needles said...

Thank you for noticing! I appreciate your comment. I have enjoyed your blog many times!

deb said...

Hey! It's so nice to see another surgical nurse that knits! I work in a level one Trauma Center in Fresno, California and we stay busy most nights. (a lot of stabbings and gunshot wounds) I work three 12's (7p to 7a). The RNs both scrub and circulate but we do have surgical techs also. I like your idea of the containers. I tried ML with baggies holding my yarn but I still got the yarn all jumbled up!