Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday as usual

Well here it is Sunday again! I am on call, but nothing exciting since Friday. The weather is dreary, but I got some homework done, including sealing the grout on my newly remodeled 1/2 bath (guest bathroom) formerly known as the "Recording Studio". I had it totally renovated, new sink, floor, paint, mirror and lighting. It's rockin now! OH I also scraped paint off the garage door trim, FUN! Too bad it's a rainy cold day, can't paint it.
I did get knitting done! The Dream in Color Classy, Tulips baby sweater is done. It is beautiful (I think). Hope Steph likes it. What do you think of my new hair color? DARK. Like my soul. Just kidding. But it sure is dark.
Oh and what is with the dog being dressed most of the time? When I see her shirtless, she looks naked. Of course Kirstin has some sweater patterns/yarn picked out for her.

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