Saturday, September 15, 2007

Steph's gift

Too bad I don't know how to rotate pix.
The shower is over, the hat was completed around midnight the night before! I don't know how big of a hit it was with Stephanie, but I took the set to work with me Saturday morning and my co-workers loved it! Even Jim the unit-secretary was impressed. He had been teasing me about being a knitting gramma, but when he saw the cute hat and sweater, he said it was "awesome" and he took back his snarky remarks. LOL.

The third picture is of my beautiful grandbabies learning to knit. Just kidding, but isn't it a gorgeous painting, I know I should give credit, but I don't know who the artist is.

On call this weekend, 1 call down and who knows how many to go. We are off to the park in town for an art show/humane society thingy. Eloise is going along. .l.


Diane said...

That hat is just too cute with that sweater. Great job.

Patticake loves to knit said...

awww, thanks for noticing!