Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's been a week since I posted anything. What has happened? Big storm on Sunday. Heavy snow today (not new, just heavy) to try and clear away. Thanks Josh for your help!
Got called in 3 times last weekend. One was a false alarm, surgery cancelled, but still get paid (that's always good). Great dinner out Friday night with John, Deb and Gary . We went to Buck's Run. Wonderful Buffet. Got locked out of Deb's house, had to go to Boomer's and wait for the kids to get home to get back in. Worked yesterday and today, on call tonite. (SFSG) About ready to turn the heel on my first pair of socks for me!Picture of my newest socks Trying to decide how to design cuff, ribbing? cable? Lace? Don't know yet. The colors are actually a little brighter, it's just a small lamp on so it's a little dark. Cute pix of Ashlynn with the hat I knit last month. She said, "Nana, this must be a spring hat, it doesn't cover my ears. Couldn't find Cannon's, lol. . This will make pair # 3 total I have knit. Oh, and thanks Wendy for the chair massage at the Business Expo last Thursday! We all loved it and want to book you for a little party (all the nurses want a full body massage, thanks to your advice). Of course they want to sip a little wine too, but who am I to judge?

Kirstin seems to be feeling a little better, almost done with the antibiotics. I have been checking out lots of other blogs related to knitting and socks especially. Weird how you catch the bug. (sock bug). I am glad I learned Magic Loop with my first pair. It was worth every penny of that $25 for the class. I think it would have been hard if I had tried a pair cuff down first. It's like in nursing school, I learned how to start IV's etc with gloves on so that is easy for me. People from the old school didn't use to wear them so they still complain about the adjust ment. I am also glad I never had to give up smoking. Just never started. I guess I am tired, I am rambling. . . . . . talk to all soon!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Family Time

Here are a couple of shots from the mini vacation last weekend. My brother Ron, a great guy, drove a few hundred miles to spend some time with his sisters and nieces, nephew and grandniece and nephew. We all went bowling and just basically chilled out and visited and laughed a lot! Nothing is better than Family, I always say!
Close up of Cannon's socks. Unfortunately, after just getting my Canon Digital Rebel repaired, I didn't check the new lens for AF/MF. It was sadly on MF. The picture quality is disappointing, but I attributed that to my" presbyopia"due to my advanced age. Sucks to constantly take off your glasses and put them on. Sound familiar to anybody out there?

I guess blurry photos are better than none. The group shot is Cannon, Katie, Justin (son-in-law), me, Ron (brother) and Ashlynn. Missing from the photo is Judy and Kirstin. I think people get tired of me trying to pose them for photos but they all seem to be glad I took them later.

A mini vacation

These pictures show the kiddos wearing their socks knit with love from Nana! My grandson (with his mom, Katie) loved, loved them and wore them for two days in a row. Ashlynn's weren't quite finished so she got to see some of the knitting process and try them on for size just before completion. So on the last day of the trip, I bound them off (after they had mysterious been removed from the needles, requiring much frogging and frustration to get them back on). She let me put them on, they fit like a dream, then promptly announced, "they don't feel good on my feet" and took them off. After some coaxing she posed for some pictures, which unfortunately were quite blurry. They are knit from Regia Silk Color which is really soft, but oh well, she's 5. I don't know if they will get much use from her but maybe Cannon will grow into them. His mom says, he LOVES socks.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nana Patti

Good Morning! It's Sunday about 9 am. I thought I would put up a couple more pix. These two Christmas beauties are Ashlynn 5 1/2 and Cannon 3 1/2. My grandchildren. I never expected to become a grandmother in my early 40's but OH WELL! I wouldn't trade them for anything. Althought I am not "Grandma" I am Nana. The little ones don't know who you are talking about if you refer to me as Grandma.

As I said I work in the operating room. I am on call this weekend and it's been quiet so far. I don't mind getting called in during the hours of 7 am to about 7 pm, but after that, I would prefer to be left alone. Those 2 or 3 am calls are no fun!

Friday evening my sweet step daughter came over to knit and "catch up". She's a lovely girl of 23 and just learning to knit. We had a great time talking, watching a movie and knitting. She visits about once a month for a knitting lesson and girl time. It's because of Wendy I picked up my needles again! Bless her!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Home early! Eye day.

I am home early from work today. When the surgeries are over you get to go home. I'm on call so since it's a cold day I may just knit. I need an opinion on these socks I am working on. I believe somehow I added a stitch and ended up with a hole. Should I fix it? Or rip them out and start from that point. It's only my second pair and I can't believe it took me this long to notice it! They are for my granddaughter, Ashlynn, who would never know if I mended the hole, but then . . . . .

Anyway! About my job. Since we are a small community hospital we aren't all that busy. Don't get me wrong, we do major surgery, abdominal, obstetrical, orthopedic, but today was cataract day! My job today was to supervise a scrub tech student who passed instruments to the opthamologist performing the surgery. Not real exciting, but always interesting!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

First pair of socks, Whew

This is the first pair of completed socks. I knit these for my little Cannon who is a tiny boy of 3 1/2 years old! He is one of the lights of my life. I never knew little boys were so lovable. I had 3 daughters and

thought they were the end all, but this boy! Gorgeous, generous and loving.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Still trying to figure out this blog thing

Let's try a new color!

I want to post a picture of my girls. They were all together this last Christmas. It doesn't happen real often and one or more is usually resistant to having their photo taken. This is one of the best. I took hundreds of pix at Christmas and this is sad, but it's cute and they all look happy!

The sad part is they never want to pose for me! I think photos are such a treasure.

First Blog

This is me about 10 months ago. I don't have many photos of myself. I am always behind the camera, so you won't see many of me! I just picked up my knitting needles again. Thanks Wendy for getting me interested in it again! I recently took a class at Apple Tree Lane, Clare, MI http://appletreelane.com/ . It was how to knit 2 socks on 1 circular needle at the same time. I use an addi turbo 40" circular needle size 3 for my first socks. That is one beautiful needle, let me tell you, glides through the yarn like silk. Diane, the owner of the store and the instructor of the class is a nurse also, although I think the store is her full time job. She has a fantstic selection of yarn, needles, books and ideas. Tons of samples and a huge variety of classes are offered. She also has one the the best and largest selections of rubber stamps in Michigan. People come from all over the state to shop at her great little store. My kids used to say (we have gone in there for years) that is smells like grandmas's house when she baked cinnamon rolls. It has a great homey atmosphere and everyone there is so helpful!

I have 2 little people in my life to knit for. I actually prefer to knit for tiny people because I feel like I am accomplishing something quicker. The hats are for them and were my first finished items since I picked up my needles again! The little hats in the pix are the very first things I knit after I finally started to knit again.