Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's been a week since I posted anything. What has happened? Big storm on Sunday. Heavy snow today (not new, just heavy) to try and clear away. Thanks Josh for your help!
Got called in 3 times last weekend. One was a false alarm, surgery cancelled, but still get paid (that's always good). Great dinner out Friday night with John, Deb and Gary . We went to Buck's Run. Wonderful Buffet. Got locked out of Deb's house, had to go to Boomer's and wait for the kids to get home to get back in. Worked yesterday and today, on call tonite. (SFSG) About ready to turn the heel on my first pair of socks for me!Picture of my newest socks Trying to decide how to design cuff, ribbing? cable? Lace? Don't know yet. The colors are actually a little brighter, it's just a small lamp on so it's a little dark. Cute pix of Ashlynn with the hat I knit last month. She said, "Nana, this must be a spring hat, it doesn't cover my ears. Couldn't find Cannon's, lol. . This will make pair # 3 total I have knit. Oh, and thanks Wendy for the chair massage at the Business Expo last Thursday! We all loved it and want to book you for a little party (all the nurses want a full body massage, thanks to your advice). Of course they want to sip a little wine too, but who am I to judge?

Kirstin seems to be feeling a little better, almost done with the antibiotics. I have been checking out lots of other blogs related to knitting and socks especially. Weird how you catch the bug. (sock bug). I am glad I learned Magic Loop with my first pair. It was worth every penny of that $25 for the class. I think it would have been hard if I had tried a pair cuff down first. It's like in nursing school, I learned how to start IV's etc with gloves on so that is easy for me. People from the old school didn't use to wear them so they still complain about the adjust ment. I am also glad I never had to give up smoking. Just never started. I guess I am tired, I am rambling. . . . . . talk to all soon!

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Nanette said...

Hi girlfriend, I was so happy to see all the wonderful pictures and your stories are fun to read. Our family is very well. I sent you a note the day I got your pictures so, I won`t bore you with the news in the note. Hope the address is right. I still quilt everyday and I do work out 5 days a week at Slim and Tone, I love it! This empty nester is busy wishing I would have had an army of kids but love the ones I have. I`ll write again soon. Nanette Coming to see my mom March 15-22, Cindy and Pocottes too.