Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nana Patti

Good Morning! It's Sunday about 9 am. I thought I would put up a couple more pix. These two Christmas beauties are Ashlynn 5 1/2 and Cannon 3 1/2. My grandchildren. I never expected to become a grandmother in my early 40's but OH WELL! I wouldn't trade them for anything. Althought I am not "Grandma" I am Nana. The little ones don't know who you are talking about if you refer to me as Grandma.

As I said I work in the operating room. I am on call this weekend and it's been quiet so far. I don't mind getting called in during the hours of 7 am to about 7 pm, but after that, I would prefer to be left alone. Those 2 or 3 am calls are no fun!

Friday evening my sweet step daughter came over to knit and "catch up". She's a lovely girl of 23 and just learning to knit. We had a great time talking, watching a movie and knitting. She visits about once a month for a knitting lesson and girl time. It's because of Wendy I picked up my needles again! Bless her!


watch&learn said...

What beautiful children! Never have seen eyes so blue! Wendy looks like she's enjoying her girls night out! Makes me want to start knitting again.

scrub with needles said...

Thanks Jude! Hope you are feeling better!