Thursday, February 8, 2007

Home early! Eye day.

I am home early from work today. When the surgeries are over you get to go home. I'm on call so since it's a cold day I may just knit. I need an opinion on these socks I am working on. I believe somehow I added a stitch and ended up with a hole. Should I fix it? Or rip them out and start from that point. It's only my second pair and I can't believe it took me this long to notice it! They are for my granddaughter, Ashlynn, who would never know if I mended the hole, but then . . . . .

Anyway! About my job. Since we are a small community hospital we aren't all that busy. Don't get me wrong, we do major surgery, abdominal, obstetrical, orthopedic, but today was cataract day! My job today was to supervise a scrub tech student who passed instruments to the opthamologist performing the surgery. Not real exciting, but always interesting!


Shelly said...

Having read that your dgd is 5, I'd fix that hole. My line of thinking goes like this "Have you ever seen a five year old whose fingers weren't always fiddling with something?" That hole is apt to become larger and larger. Upon inspecting the picture closely, it appears that the yarn just might not have been pulled tight enough there. On the other hand, if she were 16 I'd leave it.

I think ultimately you have to do what is right for you. Will you regret not fixing it? Love the colors you're using and I'm sure your granddaughter will too!

watch&learn said...

Love the colors! Ashlynn will be so excited! You do beautiful work!