Tuesday, February 6, 2007

First pair of socks, Whew

This is the first pair of completed socks. I knit these for my little Cannon who is a tiny boy of 3 1/2 years old! He is one of the lights of my life. I never knew little boys were so lovable. I had 3 daughters and

thought they were the end all, but this boy! Gorgeous, generous and loving.


Rachael said...

Oh very cute- great job! Funnily enough , I have a pair of socks made with the same yarn- I had them on yesterday. Carefull , sock knitting is addictive- at least it's not illegal :-)

Elle said...

I came by via the Sock knitter's list and think your socks are wonderful. Well done! :)

Embellishknits said...

Great looking socks! A beautiful little boy to knit for. I am thinking he is your grandson? Hope you are doing well after your divorce. I went through that about 7 yrs ago. There is life after divorce and it is always BETTER! I have since remarried and am very happy. Saw your post on Socknitters.

Knit On

Mokihana said...

Gorgeous socks!! And wow... look at the eyes on that boy! He is going to be a heartbreaker. Probably already is... he looks so sweet. Way to go on the socks... Rachael is right... it's addicting.

Mokihana from Socknitters

watch&learn said...

socks are too cool! love the colors! Cannon will love them! Especially made by Nana.
He most definitely is a heartbreaker...!