Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A mini vacation

These pictures show the kiddos wearing their socks knit with love from Nana! My grandson (with his mom, Katie) loved, loved them and wore them for two days in a row. Ashlynn's weren't quite finished so she got to see some of the knitting process and try them on for size just before completion. So on the last day of the trip, I bound them off (after they had mysterious been removed from the needles, requiring much frogging and frustration to get them back on). She let me put them on, they fit like a dream, then promptly announced, "they don't feel good on my feet" and took them off. After some coaxing she posed for some pictures, which unfortunately were quite blurry. They are knit from Regia Silk Color which is really soft, but oh well, she's 5. I don't know if they will get much use from her but maybe Cannon will grow into them. His mom says, he LOVES socks.

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Diane said...

Don't you just love knitting socks for kids? I sure do! They can't wait to get them on their feet and then never want to take them off.