Saturday, March 24, 2007

Booties for Granpa Russ

I gifted the little felt booties to my manager for her granddaughter, Bella, she loved them! As I proudly showed them off to my coworkers, our head CRNA couldn't help but comment on how cute they were. He is the type of guy who never says cute. He wanted to know why I didn't knit him a pair! "I have a granddaughter too!" So of course, I knit another pair. So far this pair turned out perfectly. Same size same number of stitches. They are in the washer right now, we'll see how they felt up.

I used the darker variagated colorway from Plymouth Yarn's Galway Paint. I also started a pair of ballerina slippers out of the same color for my little Ashlynn.

I finally caught the crud that has been going around and have been dealing with the sore throat and stuffy head, snotty nose and sneezing. YUCK! May take a trip to Lansing today and check out this yarn store. I get their emails and they sound FABULOUS! They were so nice and sent me easy directions to their store. Of Course, main shopping is for Kirstin, who has been a doll and needs a new outfit.

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