Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning. We made our way to Lansing yesterday, midafternoon. Started our shopping at Threadbare and was not disappointed! What a wonderful store. Huge selection and people all over in comfy chairs knitting and chatting. The owners and employees were really helpful. I actually didn't buy any yarn, but did buy 2 cool books that were on sale for only $5.00 each!
I also felted Russ's booties. Aren't they great? One washing and they are perfect and the same! Remarkable! I am currently sickly too. Doesn't stop me from blogging or surfing, thank goodness, can't be too bad, Snotty nose, sore throat and a gross cough with back and chest soreness. I don't get sick often.
Oh and my girl, Kirstin, who can go shopping all day and never eat or pee, decided that if she can get Lobster for dinner we could eat out! LOL. Of course I had to take her up on that and we ate Mitchell's Fish Market at the Eastwood Town Center. It's fun for me to see her eat something besides "Lean Cuisine" Veggie meals. Only $71 for the two of us, ---gasp. But it was worth it. We even split a creme brulee for dessert. She didn't come home empty handed either, 2 tops from Guess and a pair of cropped cuffed denim shorts, t shirt and white capri's from American Eagle. I got some deals at Banana Republic, 2 tanks and a cute cardi, heathery brown. Fun was had by all. I love that my 16 year old had fun on a girls day out!

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Diane said...

Hope you feel better soon.

The booties are super cute.