Saturday, March 3, 2007

Kirstin and the little bootie

Well, it's Saturday. It's snowing again. This is my youngest daughter Kirstin and her half-brother, Ryan. The other picture is the first finished bootie from my felting pattern. My knitting buddy, Wendy, came over last nite and we had a little party. She started a scarf for St. Paddy's day out of some gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill yarn in a green color way, mohair boucle type and I knit this cute little bootie. See previous post for idea of what a finished pair look like. Anyway, she's knitting away with this gorgeous yarn and noticed her hands and brand new clover wood needles (bamboo?) were turning green. So anyone have any suggestions? What to do? She can wash her hands but how do you treat the yarn after knitting so you can actually wear the scarf without getting all green?

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