Sunday, March 18, 2007

March Madness

Happy St. Paddy's day weekend! I have been on call and actually worked most of yesterday! 3 Surgeries on a Saturday. Helps to pay the yarn bill. I was so excited I got my Lisa Souza Yarn last week. It is my first handspun, handdyed yarn. I opened the ziplock bag it was packaged in and about passed out! It stinks! Kind of a mix between wet dog (sheep)? and manure. Is this normal? I placed a gain/bounty dryer sheet in the plastic bag and closed it up for a while. Still stinks. Especially the lime and violet. I guess that is part of the charm of a natural fiber? Or is it?
Check out the little felted booties. So cute. I didn't realize until after I finished them that I screwed up on the top of one of them and did stockingette for a row or two. I hoped it wouldn't be noticable after I felted them, but they actually seem to be 2 different sizes. OH well. Maybe they will be just my practice pair.
I tried the monkey sock on the leg part of my magic loop toe up socks. I keep screwing that up too, but they are for me and I don't really care. The foot fits great. I'll just keep plugging on them. The group shot is a blend of 2 photos of my brother, sisters and I. We had just left our Uncle's funeral and went out to lunch together. We were actually sitting across the table from each other. Missing is our baby brother who lives in Texas. He was on a cruise with his family at the time.


Tammy said...

The smell could be from the dye process. I know that if I get something that has been hand-dyed, it almost always smells. I leave it out to air a bit for a few days, then it's not so bad.

Desert Willow said...

Yeah, that's what I do. Sometimes dye stinks. I drape my open skeins over the hook of a clothes hanger and stick 'em out on the porch. Of course, we don't get ice storms here (So. Calif. desert between Palm Springs and Arizona.) You could send them here, and I'll hang them out for you. ;-)
Re: your non-matching but totally adorable booties, how about making two more just like the first two. Then you'll have two pair. One to grow in to? One for a best friend?Just a thought.

Diane said...

The felted booties are just too cute!

Kathy said...

You could always give Lisa a call and get her opinion. I am a long time customer - have never had any problems - but if I did, I would give her a call. You will love her yarns, and the FO they produce. They are my favorite, and I have tried quite a few varieties.

your knitting looks great, by the way!